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Mistakes Borrowers Make Part 2

Mistakes Borrowers Make Part 2

In our previous blog, we outlined some of the mistakes borrowers make when applying for a mortgage. These issues can delay an application and/or affect a borrower’s mortgage rate and conditions. Some of these can even disqualify a borrower. Follow these guidelines to get through your application as quickly as possible and get the best rate available.

Avoid Foreclosure

This is rather straightforward, but it still worth mentioning because of the long-term ramifications it can have for borrowers’ chances of getting approved. Being foreclosed upon can prevent you from getting a mortgage for several years under many circumstances.

Be on Time With Current Mortgage Payments

If you already own a home and are either looking to refinance or looking for a mortgage on a new home, be sure you don’t have a history of making late payments. Late payments may disqualify you from some banks or lenders.

Avoid Opening New Lines of Credit

Getting new credit cards at the time borrowers apply for a mortgage can make lenders wary. It may convey to them that borrowers won’t be able to keep up with payments as they go further into debt. This not only increases your debt-to-income ratio, which lenders pay close attention to, it can also affect a borrower’s credit score. However, asking credit card companies for increased credit limits improves borrowers’ debt-to-income ratio and can help secure a better rate.

Avoid Big-Spending

This can be considered complementary to item #3. Buying a new car, motorcycle, or all-new furniture set at the time you apply for a mortgage can affect your loan terms significantly because it increases your debt-to-income ratio. It may not necessarily be the factor that determines whether you’re approved or not. But it can affect your rate.

Know Your Credit Score and Credit History

Credit score and credit history are two of the most important factors in getting approved for a mortgage and determining the rate. Most lenders ask for at least three credit lines that will appear on a credit report and a history with those lines of at least two years.

Explore All Your Loan Options

Explore All Your Loan Options
There are several types of loans for borrowers to explore

There are several types of loans for borrowers to explore. If a borrower is in the armed services or has served, a Veterans Administration (VA) loan may be the best option. For those whose credit score is lower and they don’t have a significant amount for a down payment, an FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loan might be worth pursuing. For those whose credit score is good and they have over 10 percent available for a down payment, a conventional loan might be the way to go.

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