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Why use a Mortgage Calculator?

Before setting out to find the home they’ve always wanted, it is a great idea for borrowers to calculate how much of a home they can afford. The big question is how do you calculate affordability? Better Lending’s mortgage calculator makes it easy. Enter the price of the home, down payment, loan terms, and an interest rate, and our calculator will tell you how much your monthly payment will be. Use the calculator and you won’t be surprised by the amount you pay per month once you formally apply for your mortgage. It’s easy!

Disclaimer: The Mortgage Calculator here only provides indicative information and must not be construed in any way to be the actual monthly payment or actual loan APR.

What are my Loan Options?

Looking for the best loan to match your price point, we offer a wide array of loan options including VA, FHA, USDA, Conventional, and Jumbo programs check out all the loans available to you today!

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Conventional loan option

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VA Loan option

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FHA Loan option


USDA Loan option

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Jumbo loan option