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Hi, I'm David Loperena

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Essential Details

David Loperena

Loan Officer


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+1 630-361-1047

About Myself

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I have been in sales for 40 years. I started in auto sales working for a Ford dealership, then opened my own in a year. After 33 years on my own, I decided to sell and change my industry to mortgages. I have been in the lending industry for almost three years now. I have a wonderful wife of 37 years and three great kids. I’m a big Chicago sports fan. I have had a lot of fun coaching baseball and basketball. I also follow stocks and enjoy all kinds of music. My job give me the opportunity to help people out of temporary issues and give them a better picture of their future goals.

Key Areas of Expertise

Listening to people and trying to find out what they want to accomplish going forward I think it's important to listen to those needs and guide them towards what they want. I think people want to be heard. There are many ways to improve our financial position, and I can do my best with the tools I have access to.