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Pros of moving to Texas

Pros of Moving to Texas

Living in the United States in the past couple of years has shook-up each state in different ways but the growth of one state has stood out seemingly more than the rest. Texas has now been hit with the label of the fastest-growing state in the nation, but you might be asking why? Well, here are a couple of reasons why many people are considering Texas as their new home. The first reason why many are flocking to the Lone Star state is an opportunity, huge companies have migrated there for their new headquarters like Tesla, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard. With large corporations like this moving to Texas this will bring more job opportunities in a variety of fields.

Speaking of moving the cost of building a new home in Texas is much cheaper than in surrounding southern states. The reason for this is that the median cost of a home in Texas is roughly 16% lower than the national average. With that being said, the dollar goes a lot further here due to the cost of living being about 6% lower than the rest of the nation. Those are two great reasons to move to Texas but there is one that many say stands alone at the top and no I’m not talking about whether being warm year-round. I’m talking about NO STATE INCOME TAX! Working and living in Texas with no state income tax means that every dollar you make less money comes out of your paycheck each month.

This will allow you to put more into savings and investments to grow your potential wealth over the years. Now think about it, could Texas be the next place you move? If so contact us at Better Lending to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan today!

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