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Readying The Home For Winter

Readying the home for Winter

Whether we like it or not winter is upon us, here is a breakdown on how to keep your home safe and sound for this season! Some people are lucky enough to live in warm states, but many must deal with snow, ice, and low temperatures. Those three things can be detrimental for your home as a structure and the monthly bills that come with it.

Snow on Roof of a Cabin

The first thing we recommend is the make sure the exterior is in good shape to withstand the conditions. Having a strong roof will help tremendously with the heavy snowfall and this will give you some peace of mind that there will be no leaks of cave-ins. Speaking of leaks be sure to walk around your house and see if there need to be any windows caulked or masonry sealed to be able to keep all the heat in and all the cold air out. With everything almost buttoned up with the exterior, make sure you check your gutters and drainage system so when the snow melts it has someplace to go besides the inside of your home.

Moving to the interior of the home it’s very important to test out your home heating and conditioning unit before you run them, the last thing you want to do is seal up the entire house and find out your heater isn’t working. If you don’t have a home heating unit and you rely on a chimney, make sure you give your chimney sweep a call so it’s nice and clean, be sure to cut up or order firewood as well.

Finally on our list is to check and test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This is a vital part of the winterizing process so you and your family can stay alert during the wintertime. We here at Better Lending wish everyone a safe and fun winter season.

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