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Top Landmarks To Visit In Chicago

Top Landmarks to visit in Chicago

Navy Pier

If you are a tourist or a local, you must be sure to visit Navy Pier in the summertime. Located in the neighborhood of Streeterville this 3,300-foot-long pier has so much to offer! Built-in 1916 this pier has a very different look than it did before, back then it was used for a dock for freights and passenger traffic. Today if you take a stroll, you can see how it has transformed into a metropolis of fun. Navy pier offers bars and restaurants like Margaritaville, the famous Harry Caray’s Tavern, and offshore rooftop and bar which has the largest outdoor rooftop bar in the United States. Don’t forget to bring the kids as well, there are tons of rides that sit in the middle of the pier where you can also ride the world-renowned Navy Pier Ferris wheel. Make sure you have time to sign up for an architecture boat tour on the beautiful Chicago River!

Lincoln Park Zoo Polar Bear
Lincoln Park Zoo Polar Bear

Lincoln Park Zoo

When you think of a big city a zoo usually doesn’t come to mind but in Chicago, they made it happen. Built-in 1868 The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in North America. This zoo offers a wide range of animals like big cats, penguins, gorillas and they even have a polar bear. This is a big hit in the city because it is still one of the few free admission zoos in the United States. Many of the schools in the area also use this as a top destination for field trips to learn about the animals and wildlife. Be sure to visit the zoo the next time you are in Chicago to see the 1,100 different times of species in the zoo!

Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois
Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois

Willis tower

Last but not on our list in Willis tower. Willis Tower, formally known as Sears Tower until the name change in 2009 stands 1,450 feet tall with 108 stories. Built-in 1974 this building surpassed the world trade center as the largest building in the world but now it is the third tallest building in the United States. The building’s main purpose for the last for years has been being home for over 100 businesses like law, insurance, and financial companies but that’s not all. In 1974 they decided to open the Skydeck offering tourists to see the beautiful Chicago view from 103 floors up. These 360 panoramic views are second to none. This attraction brings roughly 1.7 million tourists to the building annually. If you aren’t afraid of heights or even if you are and want to challenge yourself be sure to buy a ticket to the Willis Tower Skydeck!

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